Rondall and Pamela Reynoso have been married for pver twenty years. Together they are not only raising their five children. They are each pursuing their art.

Rondall Reynoso studied art and art history at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where he received his M.F.A. in painting and a Masters in art history. Currently, he is in the PhD program in Art & Religion, with a focus on art history, at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. His work has been exhibited in over seventy solo and group exhibitions across North America. The venues have been as varied as commercial galleries from Manhattan to California, art centers, ecclesiastical spaces, museums, colleges, and universities. Also, he has been profiled and his work reviewed across the nation in regional media, including journals, newspapers, television, and radio. Reynoso’s formal abstraction deals heavily with metaphors, both sociological and spiritual, including the exploration the boundaries between 2-D and 3-D as a metaphor for the relationship of the corporeal and the spiritual. In 2008, Reynoso was one of seven North American artists selected by the Nagel Institute to take part in a cross cultural seminar in Indonesia from which an international traveling exhibition emerged. Reynoso has headed an art department at a small liberal arts college, taught at public and private universites and most recently taught at California College of the Arts.

Pamela’s passion for art & photography germinated when she lived in New York City. She would often accompany Rondall to galleries and museums and was surrounded by an ever present art dialogue.  Though, as she was earning her PhT (Putting Hubby Through) her photography was not her focus. While living in Louisiana, Pamela became more serious about her photography. She began focusing  initially on Fine Art macro and botanical photography. Later, her interest expanded to portraiture and she opened The Captivated Frame. Now, in the San Francisco North Bay Area, Pamela continues to work both with Fine Art projects and as a portrait photographer specializing in Children, Families, and multi-generational portraiture.